Anniversary Party

Ponnyexpressen. Foto: Linda Andersson

Ponnyexpressen. Photo: Linda Andersson

NOTE: Remember that the entry fee is to be paid before the 19th July for your place at the party to be reserved!

On the night of the 19th August, we will hold a big joyous anniversary party! Welcome to join us in celebrating our first 50 years as a society!

During the evening, we will offer a variety of speeches, dancing and other fun with people from within and outside the country. The party will be held on the show grounds at Grevagården in their assembly rooms. If there are many of us, we will move the party to one of the indoor maneges next door. We offer a grill buffet with complimentary drinks with the food. After that, Grevagården will open their bar to offer more drinks for anyone who wants to fill up their glass.

The mingle starts at 19h/7pm, dinner is served from 19.30h/7.30pm.

Grill buffet incl drinks with the food
Adult 100 SEK
Children (up to 10 years old) 50 SEK

Sign up at latest 19th July 2017 (entry form below) to reserve your place at the party! The entry fee is to be paid at the same time to SSS’ bank account (bankgiro) 260-9675 before 19th July 2017. International transfers, SWIFT-kod: HANDSESS, IBAN: SE35 6000 0000 0007 5568 9178. Make sure to write ”Anniversary Party” on your payment! Your entry will be considered complete once both the entry form and the entry fee have been received.


The registration is now closed.