Anniversary Show

Proud Design. Foto: Annette Wadman

Proud Design. Foto: Annette Wadman

On 19-20th August 2017, SSS will hold its Anniversary Shows at the arena Grevagården outside Skövde. On Saturday, there will be a show with Swedish judges, on Sunday there will be an international show with both Swedish and international judges. The shows will be combined with utility classes and a party.

The shows are open to Shetland ponies registered in Sveriges Shetlandssällskap’s studbook, or corresponding main studbook of another country. The show rules can be found below.

Show rules

Rules for the Anniversary Show (click on photo).


The following judges will be judging the shows. (Click on photo.)

Vildängens Fell from Heaven. Foto: Linda Andersson


Would you like to sponsor our anniversary shows? (Click on photo.)

Junibackens Hedda. Foto: Linda Andersson


The catalogue will be published here later.


The show results will be published here after the show.