Utility classes

The main idea of the competitions is to have fun with our horses and with other Shetland pony enthusiasts! Both horses and other competitors should be treated with respect and kindness. Help those who are new or less experienced than yourself!

The competition is open to fully registered Shetland ponies measuring maximum 107 cm, and registered in their country’s main studbook or in a corresponding studbook in another country.

Participant information

Below this, you will find all the information you as a participant may need, including preliminary sketches of the courses, programmes and rules for dressage and the trick competition.. (Klicka på bilden.)


During the utility championships, we organize classes in carriage driving, riding, long-reining, agility and trick. (Click on photo.)

Competition rules

Here you can read the competition rules for the Shetland Pony Championships (utility classes). (Click on photo.)

Entry form

In the form below, you can enter the Shetland Pony Championship utility classes. You need to send one entry form per pony+rider/driver/handler combination. (Click on photo.)

Foto: Annette Wadman


Would you like to sponsor the utility classes? (Click on photo.)

Foto: Annette Wadman


The competitions results will be published here after the competitions.